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Netherlands 2012

Thursday 3rd May 2012

Hotel Hoeve de Plei 1

Hotel Hoeve de Plei 2

Hotel Hoeve de Plei 3

hotel wildlife

Hotel: dinner

Hotel: garden view

Hotel: Dirk the Goat

hotel: feeding time

Hotel: happy chappie

Hotel: not-so infant prodigy?

Hotel: View from bedroom

Maastricht 1

Maastricht 2

Maastricht 3

Maastricht: walkers on a bad day

shooting practice

Vaals market

walking 1

walking 2

walking 3

walking 4

walking 5

walking 6

walking: ice cream

Walking: above Epen

Walking: big giant or wee horse?

Walking: Castle Schaloen at Valkenberg

walking: Castle Schaloen moat

Walking: crossing into Belgium

Walking: deer park

Walking: disco moves in Germany

Walking: end of the week drink

walking: fancy dress?

Walking: guest guides

walking: ice cream 3

walking: ice cream stop

Walking: Queen for the day

walking: Wijlre Brand brewery

walking: Wijlre meadows

walking: Wijlre mill

Walking: Wijlre mill 2

walking: wrong turn?

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