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Alpujarras 2018

Friday 20th April 2018

Alpujarran creatures 1: in Cadiar

Alpujarran creatures 2: in Cadiar

Alpujarran creatures 3: above Trevelez

Alpujarran creatures 4: Bonny at Mecina Fondales

Alpujarran creatures 5

Alpujarran creatures 6

Alpujarran creatures 7: only in Trevelez!

Alpujarran creatures 8: colourful unidentified species

Cadiar Alquierade de Morayma

Cadiar: Alqueirade de Morayma

Cadiar: Alqueirade de Morayma farewell

Cadiar: Alquierade de Morayma

Cadiar: Almond blossom

Cadiar: Alquierda de Morayma fire

Cadiar: canyon country

Cadiar: canyon country 2

Cadiar: canyon country 3

Cadiar: chapel in Almond fields

Cadiar: Clay Pigeon site

Cadiar: en route to Lobras

Cadiar: evening view

Cadiar: found in the almond fields

Cadiar: Lewis luvvies!

Cadiar: Lobras village

Cadiar: local well

Cadiar: Timar village

Cadiar: Walker of the Week in Timar


Capiliera abandoned hydro-electric village

Capiliera: beginning of first day

Capiliera: dinner

Capiliera: dinner 2

Capiliera: hotel

Capiliera: in Poqueria Gorge

Granada: Alhambra

Granada: Alhambra 2

Granada: Alhambra 3

Granada: Alhambra 4

Granada: Alhambra from Albacin

Mountain views 1

Mountain views 2

Mountain views 3

Mountain views 4

Mountain views 5

The Taha above Roman Bridge

The Taha at Fondales

The Taha at Fondales 2

The Taha at mill on Rio Guadalfeo

The Taha at mill on Rio Guadalfo 2eo

The Taha leaving Fondales

The Taha: life of the lonely guide

The Taha: a familiar scene!

The Taha: at Roman Bridge

The Taha: crossing Roman Bridge

The Taha: dropping down to mill

The Taha: picnic lunch

The Taha: picnic lunch 2


Trevelez 2

Trevelez ham

Trevelez: giant ham

Trevelez: picnic lunch in the Sierra Nevadas

Trevelez: view down to the village

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