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Plockton + Applecross 2016

Wednesday 7th September 2016

Achmore Dairy 1

Achmore Dairy doggy

Achmore Dairy ice cream

Applecross estate 4 -gardeners hut

Applecross estate 5 -gardeners shed

Applecross Inn: piggy 1

Applecross Inn: piggy 2

Applecross Inn: piggy 3

Applecross Inn: wonderful chowder

Applecross: church ruin

Applecross: estate walk 3

Applecross: Heritage Centre

Applecross: Sand Bay Belles 1

Applecross: Sand Bay Belles 2

Applecross: Sand Bay starfish refloated

Applecross: unknown sailor's grave

Applecross: walk to Sand 1

Applecross: walk to Sand 3

Applecross: walks to Sand 2

Applecross:estate 2

Applecross:estate tree house

Duncraig railway station

Fungi 1

Fungi 2

Fungi 3

Plockton Bay 1

Plockton Bay 2

Plockton Bay 3

Plockton Bay escaping walkers on the train

Plockton Bay kayakers 1

Plockton Bay kayakers 2

Plockton Bay kayakers 3

Plockton landscape from Bay

Plockton railway lollipop lady

Plockton seal boat

Plockton seal boat 2

Plockton walk

Plockton: after effects of shower

Strome woods 1

Strome woods 2

Strome woods 3

Strome woods: 1

Strome woods: hut

Strome woods: hut 2

Strome woods: hut 3

Strome woods: hut 4

Strome woods: Loch Carron

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